The Beginning

So here it is, I finally decided to buckle down and do a blog.  There are some things that are going through my mind as of lately on how I could better advertise myself, better help people I love, and just jot some stuff down about things I consider important.  So on here you will be treated to some projects I’ll be working on, projects on the professional, school and charity levels.  Those things I believe to be important and of great value. And from time to time I will opine on the newest developments going on in the digital video world.

Also you’ll be seeing lots of stuff that has to deal with the African nation of Cape Verde.  I am part of a nonprofit charity called Help Cape Verde Africa and I do their media stuff.  Up until now it has been mostly video, but I plan on expanding that in the future.  I love Cape Verde and really miss it, you would too if you spent two years serving the wonderful people there.

So here’s to what I hope will be a successful blog.

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