Movie Mode (and guide)

Take a look at your camera that you have. Ok, done? Did you see if it has a movie mode? Most digital cameras nowadays do. Even 6 years back I got a small point and shoot that took video, granted it wasn’t very good video with less than VGA resolution.  But the way technology has improved most all point and shoots can now record 720p video clips. That is awesome, especially because it allows a lot of flexibility in video productions where you can smuggle a camera into a place you couldn’t before.

Another thing that is awesome is the video capabilities of DSLR cameras. with the right tweaking a person can have himself a cinematic quality video machine that doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as the bigger dedicated video cameras.  I myself have a T2i and I love it. The movie mode on it is not a gimmick nor is it a toy, but it is a tool that I can use to craft stories.  I myself am starting to be more comfortable with real life documentaries than with narrative, so this helps me out in a lot of ways. First is that I don’t have as much weight to carry.  Second, since it’s smaller it doesn’t intimidate people as much.  Third, I can take it anywhere.

For those interested in the flexibility of using DSLRs in producing video Koo of No Film School has a comprehensive guide on what you need to get started.  Just click on this link for The DSLR Cinematography Guide.


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