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Awesome Videos I Like

This week is shaping up to be quite a long one, so what better way to relax than watching some cool videos? A short commentary after each one.

I’ve always had a thing for timelapses and with the new cameras we have it is becoming increasingly easier to make ones like this.

Aaaahhhh, love. Complicated stop motion brings out our emotions so effortlessly and makes us feel great and want to be better.

Man, this Cape Verde video gives me sodade. Sodade = a yearning or longing for something special.

This video was filmed on the same type of camera that I have, the Canon Rebel T2i. Man it’s amazing what you can make on the gear that is available to everyone these days. This is just a snip of a 30 minute feature.

Sorry about no HD on that one.  But since it has Utah in the title and I’m from Utah it had to be great, haha. No, but it really does have a nice little story to it.

And finishing up with another time lapse. I could never tire of these things, they are just to visually appealing, too beautiful.  I hope you all enjoyed this here round of videos. Maybe in the future I’ll make this a regular thing of posting awesome videos like these.


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Final Cut Pro X Released Today

Alright, it’s finally here, what a lot of people have been looking forward to, including me.

Apple released today the newest version of their editing software Final Cut Pro.  It has been totally rewritten from the ground up and looks just beautiful. New features way up the wazoo and also they have consolidated a couple of programs into the newest version of Final Cut, including their color and sound apps. And the best part about this is the price, at $299. For $50 each you can also get Motion and Compressor too, so all in all you get one powerful editing suite for $400 bucks, really nice.

I am excited for this but I also like adobe products as well and they will most likely come up with something real soon to combat this.  Adobe already offers their editing suite to students for cheap and that includes After Effects, Photoshop, Soundbooth or Audition, OnLocation, Illustrator, Flash, Encore and Premiere Pro.  They pack so much more into their suite than Apple ever has with their Final Cut Studio.  So we’ll just see what happens in the market.

I’d love to have both but since I have CS5 and don’t have any cash I’m sticking with it.

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Awesome DIY Camera Projects

Every man in the  industry thinks he needs all the hi-tech gear he can afford.  The problem with that is most likely he doesn’t have the money.  Everything is so expensive and for those who don’t have the cash (poor college kids like me).  So like many people say, “if you can’t afford it, build it.”

You can find lots of tutorials for DIY projects online, but the ones I find most appealing are from Austin Wilson at DVRebellion.  He has compiled a list of short easy to understand tutorials.  I am already inclined to go start building.  Right here is one of his tutorials for a slider.

I’ll be making that one first, followed by his jib crane.  He has even more for some pretty awesome stuff you can build on the cheap. Visit his DIY page by clicking here.

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Learn Cape Verdean Creole

Learning languages can be hard. Trust me, I know. I’ve been in another part of the world where I had to a learn a couple.  As an LDS missionary I went to Cape Verde, and the language I was assigned to preach in was Portuguese.  So I learned Portuguese in a short course and when I got to Cape Verde the first words I heard were not Portuguese, hmmmmm, talk about not knowing what to do.  The language the people were speaking was a Portuguese based creole.  And every island had a different creole, and it’s not exactly a written language either.

So since it’s not really a written language it’s very hard to study and get a grasp on it unless your on the islands immersed in the culture.  Since coming home there hasn’t really been any resources I’ve seen to help me remember my creole. Until last week that is when I ran across a site by a young I remembered from Fogo.  His site is just awesome. Really awesome.

So if you are looking to learn a language that is related to Portuguese but not quite, head on over to his site by clicking this link.

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Not Tight With Time For Awhile

So now it is after Thursday and I shouldn’t have to fill any more extra shifts, so this means more time, WAHOOO!!!  I’ll be able to finally prepare some buckets for the sustainable agriculture experiment and get it off the ground.  I just barely checked and the cocopeat I ordered should be delivered today.  Now I just need to get my brother to bring home the rest of the buckets I need for this project.  Expect some videos on here in the next couple of days.

I also had some plans to take engagement pictures but that didn’t happen as you know how that goes, family is thicker than blood, and they aren’t a part of my family. Bummer.  But now this allows me to get to work on some other things as well, such as finishing planting the garden and flower beds, other yard work, fixing modes of transportation and of course drooling over equipment on the internet.  The latest item I added to my Amazon wishlist is a Canon 70-300mm diffractive optics lens.  It’s a big chunk of money I don’t have, but a man can always dream right.  Another lens I am thinking about is the Tamron 18-270mm superzoom lens, just because of it’s huge range, it would be the all around go to lens.  So maybe I’ll put that on the wishlist as well.

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Journalism School at Columbia Finishes First Year Shooting on DSLRs

This came out on DSLR News Shooter not too long ago.  This is actually quite refreshing to see, young journalists getting to shoot on small cameras that put out an amazing picture.  The basic kit consisted of a T2i, 17-40 mm lens, an audio recorder and a Røde NTG-2 shotgun mic. I have some of that myself, minus the L series lens and shotgun mic, but I plan on getting a shotgun mic pretty soon, that should complement my H4n pretty nicely.

After spending some time in the program the students were able to put out beautiful stories.  Here’s one of them

Bravo guys, well done.

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Sustainable Agriculture Experiment

Have you ever grown food? Or are you one that thinks that milk, eggs and veggies come from the store?  There is more to that, everything you eat had to be grown somewhere, and it all comes from a farm(mostly).

So what if you wanted to grow things yourself? Good question, and here in the United States the resources are there to help you.  But what if you don’t live in the US.  That is what I’m trying to figure out is how to effectively use the resources at hand for use in Cape Verde for a humanitarian project.  So this might seem daunting but it shouldn’t really be that hard.  I already know that I will have mixed results, it’s just a matter of finding what works.

I will be using the sub-irrigation planter (SIP) method constructed of two buckets.  What works is a mixture whose main ingredient is either peat moss or cocopeat.  What doesn’t work is regular soil because the soil doesn’t absorb the water upwards so I need to find a way around that.  For the experiment I will have two SIP’s one peat moss based, the other cocopeat based, and 4 more SIP’s with regular soil each with a different wicking medium to draw the water upwards to the roots.

self watering container

What an SIP looks like

The peat moss and cocopeat have already been documented to work, the reason I’m doing this experiment is because cocopeat and peat moss are not readily available in Cape Verde and I want to help the people there grow food in the soil they have.  Right now it’s very difficult since only 11% of the land is farmable because it’s so dry.

Along this journey I’ll be documenting and putting up some videos of how all this is going.  So please wish me luck.  And if you wish to support Cape Verde consider making a donation to this linked charitable organization.

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