No Need To Go To Video School

Actually going to school is still a good idea, there a person learns and experiences what they need to do to make a high quality video.  But what about those of us that don’t have the cash to do so?

The internet really is a wonderful place and one can learn lots from it.  Video sharing sites like YouTube has tutorials on everything video related you can think of, from screenwriting to camera work to post-production editing.  These kinds of developments really help to democratize the video world and allow ordinary people like you and me to tell their story.

One really good tool to help that is pretty recent is from the video sharing Vimeo, they have compiled clips and wrote lessons to help the common videographer in their endeavors.  They have created the Vimeo Video School.  Lessons are updated pretty regularly, usually about every week and cover lots of different topics.  Just checking it out will help in some way, and it’s always good to get back to the basics.  Here’s a taste on how to do a timelapse.

And here’s an example of a slow motion clip.

Can’t you just feel the creative juices flowing?


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