Sustainable Agriculture Experiment

Have you ever grown food? Or are you one that thinks that milk, eggs and veggies come from the store?  There is more to that, everything you eat had to be grown somewhere, and it all comes from a farm(mostly).

So what if you wanted to grow things yourself? Good question, and here in the United States the resources are there to help you.  But what if you don’t live in the US.  That is what I’m trying to figure out is how to effectively use the resources at hand for use in Cape Verde for a humanitarian project.  So this might seem daunting but it shouldn’t really be that hard.  I already know that I will have mixed results, it’s just a matter of finding what works.

I will be using the sub-irrigation planter (SIP) method constructed of two buckets.  What works is a mixture whose main ingredient is either peat moss or cocopeat.  What doesn’t work is regular soil because the soil doesn’t absorb the water upwards so I need to find a way around that.  For the experiment I will have two SIP’s one peat moss based, the other cocopeat based, and 4 more SIP’s with regular soil each with a different wicking medium to draw the water upwards to the roots.

self watering container

What an SIP looks like

The peat moss and cocopeat have already been documented to work, the reason I’m doing this experiment is because cocopeat and peat moss are not readily available in Cape Verde and I want to help the people there grow food in the soil they have.  Right now it’s very difficult since only 11% of the land is farmable because it’s so dry.

Along this journey I’ll be documenting and putting up some videos of how all this is going.  So please wish me luck.  And if you wish to support Cape Verde consider making a donation to this linked charitable organization.

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