Not Tight With Time For Awhile

So now it is after Thursday and I shouldn’t have to fill any more extra shifts, so this means more time, WAHOOO!!!  I’ll be able to finally prepare some buckets for the sustainable agriculture experiment and get it off the ground.  I just barely checked and the cocopeat I ordered should be delivered today.  Now I just need to get my brother to bring home the rest of the buckets I need for this project.  Expect some videos on here in the next couple of days.

I also had some plans to take engagement pictures but that didn’t happen as you know how that goes, family is thicker than blood, and they aren’t a part of my family. Bummer.  But now this allows me to get to work on some other things as well, such as finishing planting the garden and flower beds, other yard work, fixing modes of transportation and of course drooling over equipment on the internet.  The latest item I added to my Amazon wishlist is a Canon 70-300mm diffractive optics lens.  It’s a big chunk of money I don’t have, but a man can always dream right.  Another lens I am thinking about is the Tamron 18-270mm superzoom lens, just because of it’s huge range, it would be the all around go to lens.  So maybe I’ll put that on the wishlist as well.


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