Learn Cape Verdean Creole

Learning languages can be hard. Trust me, I know. I’ve been in another part of the world where I had to a learn a couple.  As an LDS missionary I went to Cape Verde, and the language I was assigned to preach in was Portuguese.  So I learned Portuguese in a short course and when I got to Cape Verde the first words I heard were not Portuguese, hmmmmm, talk about not knowing what to do.  The language the people were speaking was a Portuguese based creole.  And every island had a different creole, and it’s not exactly a written language either.

So since it’s not really a written language it’s very hard to study and get a grasp on it unless your on the islands immersed in the culture.  Since coming home there hasn’t really been any resources I’ve seen to help me remember my creole. Until last week that is when I ran across a site by a young I remembered from Fogo.  His site is just awesome. Really awesome.

So if you are looking to learn a language that is related to Portuguese but not quite, head on over to his site by clicking this link.

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