Final Cut Pro X Released Today

Alright, it’s finally here, what a lot of people have been looking forward to, including me.

Apple released today the newest version of their editing software Final Cut Pro.  It has been totally rewritten from the ground up and looks just beautiful. New features way up the wazoo and also they have consolidated a couple of programs into the newest version of Final Cut, including their color and sound apps. And the best part about this is the price, at $299. For $50 each you can also get Motion and Compressor too, so all in all you get one powerful editing suite for $400 bucks, really nice.

I am excited for this but I also like adobe products as well and they will most likely come up with something real soon to combat this.  Adobe already offers their editing suite to students for cheap and that includes After Effects, Photoshop, Soundbooth or Audition, OnLocation, Illustrator, Flash, Encore and Premiere Pro.  They pack so much more into their suite than Apple ever has with their Final Cut Studio.  So we’ll just see what happens in the market.

I’d love to have both but since I have CS5 and don’t have any cash I’m sticking with it.


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