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Update on the Sustainable Agriculture Experiment

So it took a while to get started I must admit.  My brother just couldn’t deliver the buckets so I went and got them myself.  And since I was in a hurry I didn’t get any compost for the cocopeat. But I did manage to get some good old fashioned bull crap to put it in it.  After planting the zucchini it took a while for them to come up since it was a bit difficult to keep the top layer of soil from drying out, so note to not start from seed next time.

They’re all doing pretty good, the potting mix was the last to sprout and the cocopeat I didn’t add enough nutrients so the new leaves start out yellow before turning green.  But all in all it is coming along.


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Documentary Filmmaker Forecast With 50% Chance of Higher Taxes

OK. This is not looking good. Not good at all. A tax court in the state of Arizona has before them a case which could downgrade the tax status of documentary filmmakers.  Right now documentaries are considered a business and expenses from making a documentary can be deducted from your tax report.  But this could change, the judge right now is deciding if documentary filmmaking is an “activity not engaged in for profit.”  Basically making a profession into a hobby.

This could have serious implications for all documentarians should this judge and the IRS undermine the film world.  Talk about owed back taxes out the wazoo and less motivation to actually create (since we won’t get breaks in funding due to higher taxes). Goes to show we need to step up our game, and make stuff that can sell.  If we’re not making money to the point the IRS considers this a hobby then I guess it’s our own damn fault.

For more info check out Filmmaker Magazines “Why Filmmaking Can’t Be A Hobby.”

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Awesome Videos I Like part 2

So here I am back for another round of awesome videos.  These are really cool and and were fun for me to watch, Just love ’em, from timelapse to artsy to special FX each one is unique and well worth your time.  As usual a little commentary after each vid, and once again starting with a timpelapse.

One shot I just don’t know how he got, the one where the tree in the middle is rotating but the background is stationary. How? I loved the shots, the music was fitting as well.  I just can’t figure out for the life of me how he got that one shot.

Férias no Brasil, all I have to say to this is “Tudo Bacana.” This was shot on a Canon Rebel T2i with the underwater shots being taken from a GoProHD camera.  Just a guy filming his vacation but he got such great shots and edited in such a manner that this looks like it could be a travel commercial. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets approached by a Brazilian travel agency for a TV spot.

Ever wonder how lenses were made and why they’re sooooo expensive? Well now you know the answer to both those questions.  Really amazing to see how they do everything.

I learn new things about Cape Verde everyday and this to me was a shocker. This here is for a documentary being made on the effects of international fishing boats in Cape Verdean waters.  Because the fish are rapidly depleting a village is forced to sell the sand on their beach so that they may survive, and there once beautiful beach is no longer there but is nothing but mounds of rocks.

This was made to show off the editing power of Red Giant’s new Magic Bullet suite, third party plugins for video editing software. And I must say it looks pretty suite… I mean sweet.  I know if I had the cash that I would invest in these tools, but alas a poor college student can’t have everything can he.


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Another Movie Maker Guide (and it’s free too)

I actually downloaded this last week but didn’t really read it till yesterday.  It was one of those things that popped up on a couple production blogs I follow.  I must admit it is a really nice guide, very well put together and very informative.  I’m just surprised the author isn’t selling it, he very well could be making bank on it.

What this guide does is it gives you pointers on how to successfully raise funds, invest, budget, shoot and distribute your film to maximize profit from your film.  Now the indie revolution is really kicking in.  Expect to see more high quality, low budget productions in the near future.

Go ahead and download it, and you will see secrets of the pros that are actually just common sense, good thing it’s free.  To download click on The Modern Moviemaking Movement.

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Final Cut X Not Doing Too Hot

Well it’s been a couple of weeks and things just don’t seem to be going good at all for Final Cut Pro X. Too many cons and people just keep seeming to jump off the boat and going to Adobe. If you have Final Cut you can get 50% off of their production suite. And the best thing about Premiere Pro for Final Cut users is that you can open Final Cut projects. Also you can use the same keyboard shortcuts. Check out this post from Koo to show you how.

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Rose Garden

Here are some pictures I took of my roses this week, I think they look pretty good.


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