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The Fruits of Labor: Update on the Sustainable Agriculture Experiment

Things are coming along with the bucket garden, the zucchini plants are producing zucchinis now.  Today I picked two that were ready, and a little bit down the post you’ll see what I did with them.

First things the appearance of the plants are now really varied, some are doing quite well while others aren’t doing too hot. The ones that aren’t doing too hot are the ones that were planted in regular soil.  They are still growing but at a slower rate than the others that were planted in a medium that naturally absorbs water, not drains it.  Another thing worth noticing is how much the soil has compacted, or settled, in each bucket.  The bucket doing the worst right now is the regular soil with newspaper as the wicking medium, it has compacted a little over two inches.  This is followed by the regular soil with jeans as the wicking medium, this being compacted at around two inches.  The others are doing just fine with their compaction being between 1/2  and 3/4 inches.  Also now the plant in the cocopeat mixture that started out yellow is now a healthy shade of green and doing great.  The other cocopeat mixed with regular soil is the plant that is doing the best and has grown the most.  The potting mix zucchini has the darkest green leaves of all of them.

cocopeat mixed with bullcrap

Cocopeat mixed with manure

cocopeat and regular soil

Cocopeat and topsoil mix

topsoil with jeans

Topsoil with jeans as wicking medium

potting mix

Potting mix

topsoil and newspaper

Topsoil, newspaper as wicking medium

As you can see there were a few zucchini on there. I picked two that were ready today. And here is the best part of the experiment, eating them.  What I did is I turned one of them into long curly strands and used them as noodles.

zucchinisnoodles made out of zucchini

And finally the masterpiece, not quite vegetarian but still pretty good.  Garden fresh is the best.

zucchini spaghetti


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Video Contests and Getting Started

A couple weeks ago on No Film School there was a post talking about starting a career in film by entering video contests.  It was very informative and I liked it, so much that I decided I need to get in on the action as well. So after just a quick online search I found a couple of websites that deal with contests. Most of the sites are contests for commercials, but the payoffs involved are pretty dang good.  The prizes usually involve a one lump sum of cash but some may also offer certain merchandise or gear.

If one wants to get involved it is pretty easy, you just have to register at a sponsor site for contests.  These are really easy to find but a couple of the more popular ones are Poptent and Zoopa. You can’t go wrong with these sites here.  After rigistering and creating your profile you will then be able to accept assignments and upload projects. I registered on both and sent out this tweet:

Which I was then responded to by Poptent:

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