Data Wrangling Basics

Every job on set is of equal importance but if there is one that is not as appreciated as much I would say it would be the data wrangler.  The data wrangler’s job is that of copying all images and sound acquired digitally to at least two separate backup drives.  So if the data wrangler makes a mistake there is good chance that a whole days work might be lost, and that is not good at all.  So for those just starting out on a data wrangling job and feel a little overwhelmed, Evan Luzi from The Black and Blue has you covered and will give you a couple pointers:

He goes into more detail and shows you how you should layout your folders for the footage in this next video:

Evan is using a basic kit which includes a Macbook Pro, card reader and two hard drives. One thing to remember about hard drives is that the production will buy them, do not buy them with your own money or the money you are being paid for the job.  The hard drives go straight to editing and you will never see them again.

Good luck on your next data wrangling adventure.


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