More Videos I Like

So school has started up again and is killing me.  But in the meantime I found some awesome videos

Dang, I really enjoy this guys use of blending modes.  The color cast was done with Magic Bullet Looks.

This is the trailer to a free film the filmmakers have on Vimeo.  The film itself was pretty good but I can see why they didn’t get it to any festivals as one of the main characters acting felt forced and some of the transitions early in the film felt foreign.  Also the film could have more reach if they toned down the swearing, too many F-bombs and this is too good a story for more sensitive people to get offended by the language.  I didn’t like the language either but it was the story that kept me involved.

Shot on a cell phone camera when the capabilities of camera phones sucked big time.  Yet this video works, great imagery and great music combined that just pulls at your heart strings.  Very well done.

How valuable are your pictures? I’m taking a photography class this semester and the professor related an experience he had early on in his career.  A young woman he had photographed for her senior pictures died two days later in an hiking accident and the pictures he had taken of that girl meant more than anything to that family.  This looks to be a great documentary.

A great little series pointing out the difficulties in producing documentary films.  Take a look, you’ll enjoy it.

And the last one for today is just awesome, I’d love to travel the world and do something like this.  But unfortunately the money is not flowing.  Oh well, I can still dream right.



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