Let’s Talk Tablets

Today Amazon has announced the release and specs of its new tablet, the Kindle Fire.  The news about this is pretty interesting because it will be $300 cheaper than Apple’s lowest iPad.  While I can see some reasons for it having a lower price tag besides not being from Apple, it doesn’t look like it has many limitations, those being no microphone and no camera.  Now that we have competition in the marketplace we can expect better features in the future from both companies.

I’m an Apple fan but Amazon has something neat right here, and that is running off of android.  Android phones actually have more apps that control Canon EOS cameras from the phone.  That means not only could the Kindle Fire be used as a traveling portfolio to show clients but could also serve to be a field monitor for video shoots.  How awesome is that, sounds like a winner to me.  Follow this link to see Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos give the announcement.


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