New Gear This Past Year

One of the great things about living in a time where technology is always advancing is to look at the new ways in which it will affect us.  Especially the video world, that I am interested in, is no different. New cameras seem to be flying by our faces all the time.  So much so that when a new camera is purchased at a store it feels outdated by the time you reach the car.

Here is a list of the gear that is now on my list for Santa:

Canon 6D

First was the 5D mkIII but now the 6D has taken it’s place on my Christmas list. New features include built in GPS for geo-tagging your pictures.  And it has built in wifi, you no longer have to be tethered to a computer to control your camera with a smartphone.  These features are huge with me, I haven’t told you yet but I am now a stock producer, I’ll share more in another post.  The only thing this camera lacks is a microphone jack, which I will not fork over an extra $1500 for. The price will be $2099 when it is released in November for retail.

Black Magic Cinema Camera

$3000 and man what a camera this is. It is awesome, its awesomeness I can’t put in words.  So I guess I’ll just have to show what it is capable of.


As you can see it blows the 5D out of the water.  But still this is only a video camera so I would definitely want this and a dslr for photography.  The DSLR is still the camera for run and gun shooting because you can take them places you can’t take a “video” camera, so don’t discount it just yet.

Panasonic GH3

So the GH2 was and still is awesome.  The hacked firmware of the GH2 offered the most latitude in a DSLR and could compete with a 5D and even look better in daylight lighting conditions.  But unfortunately its micro 4/3 sensor hindered its lowlight ability.  This newer version improved a ton of features, added a lot of what the hack on the GH2 unlocked.  We’ll have to see how this one fares in the future.  I’m sure it will be the go to camera for many independent, low budget projects.

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