Fun Little Music Video

My single’s ward had a tiny “film festival” for the ward members to enter.  It was part of family home evening and they gave us two weeks to put together something.  I actually waited a week before I even did anything, then I talked to a friend in the ward and said that we should do something.  We decided to do a music video to Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time.” On Labor Day, we got together and storyboarded some shots, brainstormed ideas and locations.  We then shot the video over three days when we had breaks in between classes and then I spent around 7 hours editing it.  The lip syncing isn’t the greatest, but hey, it works.

When we showed it at the festival people really liked it.  In fact it was the only one the judges didn’t have to make up a category for it to win a prize.  The other videos there were very excruciating to watch, but I’ll give them credit, they tried.  So the video won best cinematography and judges choice.  Enjoy it below.


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