I have a friend who posted this on Facebook a little bit earlier in the day.  It is to a TV program from Cape Verde that is called “Nha Terra, Nha Cretxeu.” Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it, I’m sure you have already failed miserably.  But anyways it is a program that shows places and sites of interest for tourism.  The language spoken is Portuguese, there isn’t any creole spoken in it.

Sorry that there isn’t any embed code so you will have to click over to the site using this link.

Seeing this little program this morning gave me an overwhelming feeling of “sodadi.”  Sodadi is a strange word in that is a word based on the Portuguese “saudade” which is unique in that there is no direct translation or equivalent in any other language.  It is like a feeling of longing, or nostalgia.  Or could be used to say you miss something, but it means so much more than that.

This video pretty much makes me want to go back even more, even though the quality on some of the shots wasn’t very great, they really need to find someone who knows how to color correct.  Maybe I should apply to be their in house colorist.


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