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Battle Of The Bands at UVU

This Tuesday is the battle of the bands at UVU produced by a friend and senior student Brian Parsons, with help from the Audio and Cinema Clubs on campus.  It is going to be a huge and fun event for sure.  We already have tons of sponsors and 13 bands that will be performing.  The Audio and Cinema Clubs will be taking care of the event sound wise and also for video taping and making a DVD later on.

The video team will be intensive, 21 people including myself are on the call sheet.  My role is DIT, known as the data wrangler, I will be copying files all night as they come to me.  There will be some challenges as I expect 4 camera cards to get me at once, and they will be SD cards being transferred with the oh so fast USB2.0 protocol.  Plus there will other cameras shooting CF cards, an Atomos Ninja and some KiPros, so we’ll have to see how it goes.  I will be setting up a mac based DIT station tomorrow with one of the professors and maybe we’ll see if my HacPro can see some action.  I finally got it not too freeze when new drives are plugged in.



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Fun Little Music Video

My single’s ward had a tiny “film festival” for the ward members to enter.  It was part of family home evening and they gave us two weeks to put together something.  I actually waited a week before I even did anything, then I talked to a friend in the ward and said that we should do something.  We decided to do a music video to Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time.” On Labor Day, we got together and storyboarded some shots, brainstormed ideas and locations.  We then shot the video over three days when we had breaks in between classes and then I spent around 7 hours editing it.  The lip syncing isn’t the greatest, but hey, it works.

When we showed it at the festival people really liked it.  In fact it was the only one the judges didn’t have to make up a category for it to win a prize.  The other videos there were very excruciating to watch, but I’ll give them credit, they tried.  So the video won best cinematography and judges choice.  Enjoy it below.

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Thoughts On Building My Hackintosh

A Few weeks ago I bit the bullet and purchased around $1500 in computer parts.  I did this for a couple reasons, one to give me an edge in editing and to build a business with it.  The other is because I really like Apple’s operating system better than window’s and I wanted a nice machine that didn’t cost as much from Apple with the same specs.  So I went for it. I researched for a couple months and followed along with the newest hardware that was supposedly compatible with OSX Mountain Lion.  When I found a configuration that people said they weren’t having problems with I finally gave in.

The wait wasn’t long at all, I re-signed up for Amazon Prime since I get it half price for still being a student. I got everything except the motherboard from Amazon.  I got the motherboard from NewEgg, so the motherboard came a few days after everything else.  Once everything was delivered I laid aside most everything and started to put the pieces together. Unboxed the case, looked it over, removed the side panels and laid it on its side.  Unboxing everything was like a kid on Christmas morning, joy and excitement, but not about play toys, about a powerhouse waiting to be unleashed.  I took the motherboard out of its packaging, gently placed it into position and set the screws. Next the processor, then the graphics card, firewire card, and hard drives.  It took a while to do this as it was my first ever build.  Then finding the proper power connections on the motherboard for fans, case power and also the front ports took a while to to find as well.  But hooking up the power supply was a breeze as I have switched out a few on older machines.

Next was powering up and setting the BIOS to work to Mac standards. Not a problem, installing OSX from a USB drive, not a problem. I was impressed with what I was seeing.  Then I installed the drivers to make the ports and sound work. What happened after was great, I could hear music now and life seemed great… that is until I restarted the computer.  On the loading apple screen right after the circular loading indicator appeared my screen filled with text and needed to be shut off, it was a kernel panic. I didn’t know what to do, I thought it was from the drivers that I had loaded so I did what the next reasonable person would have done, I did a clean install.  After clean installing I went and tried different combinations of drivers, but each time I didn’t have success. I did over 20 clean installs.

Then I did more research and learned that all this could be avoided by changing the machine’s boot.plist file.  But you still had to install the drivers first and then change it on start up.  So you go into single user mode and type in code, unix code.  So I learned a little bit of unix, it’s like DOS and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. Went and changed a few values in the list and violá, it worked and booted up just fine.

Testing was fun and now I know that my machine has a little personality, external drives have to be connected to the computer before booting up, otherwise the computer won’t recognize them and will freeze.  Kinda annoying but oh well, youtube and flash based web players will flicker really bad unless it is in fullscreen mode, that’s even more annoying.  Now I don’t care anymore because it wasn’t really made for browsing, it was made for editing.  I have Adobe CS6 Production Premium working most perfectly, have a small issue with photoshop. Adobe is super fast and can handle a lot. I can’t seem to get Avid to work, but I hope I can figure out a solution someday.

So far, I love it, great functionality at a fraction of the price.

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Stock Producer

During the summer I did a few things that were pretty cool.  First was I took an Avid training course and passed with flying colors.  So now I am an Avid Certified Editor.  Really awesome, and that led to another opportunity.  A local media company has recently acquired the domain name for and was looking for people they could train to produce and polish assets for them.  They held a cooperative agreement with UVU and was able to train in a room at the college.  They only accepted 14 people, of which I was one of them.

It was a really great training and I learned a lot of valuable things, but I’m under an NDA and can’t you about them.  Not to worry though as I have also become a stock producer for them.  Things we learned were workflow, after effects procedures, editing procedures, time remapping, cameras, and whole bunch of other information.

Below is a demo reel I edited for them, it is slow motion, shot on the phantom camera, and I assisted in the creation of 8 clips that you will see in it.

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More Videos I Like

So school has started up again and is killing me.  But in the meantime I found some awesome videos

Dang, I really enjoy this guys use of blending modes.  The color cast was done with Magic Bullet Looks.

This is the trailer to a free film the filmmakers have on Vimeo.  The film itself was pretty good but I can see why they didn’t get it to any festivals as one of the main characters acting felt forced and some of the transitions early in the film felt foreign.  Also the film could have more reach if they toned down the swearing, too many F-bombs and this is too good a story for more sensitive people to get offended by the language.  I didn’t like the language either but it was the story that kept me involved.

Shot on a cell phone camera when the capabilities of camera phones sucked big time.  Yet this video works, great imagery and great music combined that just pulls at your heart strings.  Very well done.

How valuable are your pictures? I’m taking a photography class this semester and the professor related an experience he had early on in his career.  A young woman he had photographed for her senior pictures died two days later in an hiking accident and the pictures he had taken of that girl meant more than anything to that family.  This looks to be a great documentary.

A great little series pointing out the difficulties in producing documentary films.  Take a look, you’ll enjoy it.

And the last one for today is just awesome, I’d love to travel the world and do something like this.  But unfortunately the money is not flowing.  Oh well, I can still dream right.


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Data Wrangling Basics

Every job on set is of equal importance but if there is one that is not as appreciated as much I would say it would be the data wrangler.  The data wrangler’s job is that of copying all images and sound acquired digitally to at least two separate backup drives.  So if the data wrangler makes a mistake there is good chance that a whole days work might be lost, and that is not good at all.  So for those just starting out on a data wrangling job and feel a little overwhelmed, Evan Luzi from The Black and Blue has you covered and will give you a couple pointers:

He goes into more detail and shows you how you should layout your folders for the footage in this next video:

Evan is using a basic kit which includes a Macbook Pro, card reader and two hard drives. One thing to remember about hard drives is that the production will buy them, do not buy them with your own money or the money you are being paid for the job.  The hard drives go straight to editing and you will never see them again.

Good luck on your next data wrangling adventure.

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Final Cut X Not Doing Too Hot

Well it’s been a couple of weeks and things just don’t seem to be going good at all for Final Cut Pro X. Too many cons and people just keep seeming to jump off the boat and going to Adobe. If you have Final Cut you can get 50% off of their production suite. And the best thing about Premiere Pro for Final Cut users is that you can open Final Cut projects. Also you can use the same keyboard shortcuts. Check out this post from Koo to show you how.

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