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Pro “as Arri” Lights

So the other day I was thinking about investing in a light kit for my video work. There were a couple of options and I was really leaning toward getting a Lowel DV Creator 1 kit. But after researching my options a little more I found that a couple friends were having good results using a cheap knock off kit out if China that resembles Arri lights.
After searching a couple days on eBay I found a complete set of two peppers a tweenie and a baby for 650 dollars, minus scrims. So I decided to bite the bullet and put in a bid. I won.
Now they have already shipped and in about a week they should be here. I can’t wait to try them out on upcoming projects.


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Awesome DIY Camera Projects

Every man in the  industry thinks he needs all the hi-tech gear he can afford.  The problem with that is most likely he doesn’t have the money.  Everything is so expensive and for those who don’t have the cash (poor college kids like me).  So like many people say, “if you can’t afford it, build it.”

You can find lots of tutorials for DIY projects online, but the ones I find most appealing are from Austin Wilson at DVRebellion.  He has compiled a list of short easy to understand tutorials.  I am already inclined to go start building.  Right here is one of his tutorials for a slider.

I’ll be making that one first, followed by his jib crane.  He has even more for some pretty awesome stuff you can build on the cheap. Visit his DIY page by clicking here.

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Infinite White Backgrounds

A couple days ago I saw something really neat.  You know those interviews where behind the subject there is nothing but a perfect white?  Em the cheesycam guy has put together a post in collaboration with oliviatech that tells you how to do exactly that.

Good thing they tell you how to do this, real quick here’s the steps again:

Blow the highlights, overexpose the background

Keep the subject away from the background

Light the subject separately

Thanks Em and Olivia, I’ll have to try that when I get the materials. It might be awhile being a student who is strapped for cash but it will definitely happen in the future.

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