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Pro “as Arri” Lights

So the other day I was thinking about investing in a light kit for my video work. There were a couple of options and I was really leaning toward getting a Lowel DV Creator 1 kit. But after researching my options a little more I found that a couple friends were having good results using a cheap knock off kit out if China that resembles Arri lights.
After searching a couple days on eBay I found a complete set of two peppers a tweenie and a baby for 650 dollars, minus scrims. So I decided to bite the bullet and put in a bid. I won.
Now they have already shipped and in about a week they should be here. I can’t wait to try them out on upcoming projects.


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More Videos I Like

So school has started up again and is killing me.  But in the meantime I found some awesome videos

Dang, I really enjoy this guys use of blending modes.  The color cast was done with Magic Bullet Looks.

This is the trailer to a free film the filmmakers have on Vimeo.  The film itself was pretty good but I can see why they didn’t get it to any festivals as one of the main characters acting felt forced and some of the transitions early in the film felt foreign.  Also the film could have more reach if they toned down the swearing, too many F-bombs and this is too good a story for more sensitive people to get offended by the language.  I didn’t like the language either but it was the story that kept me involved.

Shot on a cell phone camera when the capabilities of camera phones sucked big time.  Yet this video works, great imagery and great music combined that just pulls at your heart strings.  Very well done.

How valuable are your pictures? I’m taking a photography class this semester and the professor related an experience he had early on in his career.  A young woman he had photographed for her senior pictures died two days later in an hiking accident and the pictures he had taken of that girl meant more than anything to that family.  This looks to be a great documentary.

A great little series pointing out the difficulties in producing documentary films.  Take a look, you’ll enjoy it.

And the last one for today is just awesome, I’d love to travel the world and do something like this.  But unfortunately the money is not flowing.  Oh well, I can still dream right.


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Rose Garden

Here are some pictures I took of my roses this week, I think they look pretty good.


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Awesome DIY Camera Projects

Every man in the  industry thinks he needs all the hi-tech gear he can afford.  The problem with that is most likely he doesn’t have the money.  Everything is so expensive and for those who don’t have the cash (poor college kids like me).  So like many people say, “if you can’t afford it, build it.”

You can find lots of tutorials for DIY projects online, but the ones I find most appealing are from Austin Wilson at DVRebellion.  He has compiled a list of short easy to understand tutorials.  I am already inclined to go start building.  Right here is one of his tutorials for a slider.

I’ll be making that one first, followed by his jib crane.  He has even more for some pretty awesome stuff you can build on the cheap. Visit his DIY page by clicking here.

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Not Tight With Time For Awhile

So now it is after Thursday and I shouldn’t have to fill any more extra shifts, so this means more time, WAHOOO!!!  I’ll be able to finally prepare some buckets for the sustainable agriculture experiment and get it off the ground.  I just barely checked and the cocopeat I ordered should be delivered today.  Now I just need to get my brother to bring home the rest of the buckets I need for this project.  Expect some videos on here in the next couple of days.

I also had some plans to take engagement pictures but that didn’t happen as you know how that goes, family is thicker than blood, and they aren’t a part of my family. Bummer.  But now this allows me to get to work on some other things as well, such as finishing planting the garden and flower beds, other yard work, fixing modes of transportation and of course drooling over equipment on the internet.  The latest item I added to my Amazon wishlist is a Canon 70-300mm diffractive optics lens.  It’s a big chunk of money I don’t have, but a man can always dream right.  Another lens I am thinking about is the Tamron 18-270mm superzoom lens, just because of it’s huge range, it would be the all around go to lens.  So maybe I’ll put that on the wishlist as well.

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Get a grip on your life (and camera)

If there is one thing that I don’t like, it’s running out of battery power in camera and having to switch out the battery.  On a DSLR camera that can be a huge pain, especially if you have your camera mounted to a tripod or a stabilizer rig.  To get around that you need 2 things, first is more battery life, second is an easier way to switch out the batteries.  If you’re looking for those two things what you need is a battery grip.

I own a Canon T2i and it is great, love the thing for pictures and video, but after getting frustrated I decided to buy a battery grip and it is amazing.  I bought a generic one, but still it holds two batteries at a time and is very flexible.  The door to change batteries is on the side, not on the bottom, so there isn’t any hassle.  Also as an added bonus there was a special battery plate that holds 6 AA batteries, so there is now one more option in powering my camera. Nice, what a deal. Not to mention that doing portraits is now easier as well since there is a button allowing side stills in the right spot.

So if there are any photographers or DSLR video guys that shares my frustrations, I recommend getting a grip on your camera. There are plenty of resources out there on this subject.  There’s this guy, and these guys, don’t forget this guy either.  Also I’ve added a video from Caleb Pike of DSLR Video Shooter where he explains why it’s essential to have one.

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Future Proofing

Future proofing, the idea of investing in equipment that lasts so you don’t have to keep forking over cash for the latest and greatest gizmos that are always coming out.  I’m not made out of cash so I can’t always get what I want.  I have to be frugal with what I have, so the idea of future proofing is spot on.  And in one of the areas it is a must is in lenses.  Caleb Pike from DSLR Video Shooter put up a video explaining why and which lenses he thinks is best to invest in:

So there you have it, get a lens that can be adapted to other bodies.  Sure you might miss out on auto-focus but for a video guy that isn’t a really big thing to worry about.

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