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Trying Out The iPhone WordPress App

Trying out the iPhone app to do instant blogging on the fly. I don’t really know if I’ll use this or not going on the future but we will see. Maybe this could be used for when the bus is being really slow and I don’t want to just listen to music.
Maybe I’ll use it for quick updates when I finally do get my documentary up and running. The only thing is is that my camera lens on my phone is scratched pretty badly, so one side seems very blurry. Maybe I’ll upgrade to the iPhone 5 if I win a contest. Time will tell.


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New Gear This Past Year

One of the great things about living in a time where technology is always advancing is to look at the new ways in which it will affect us.  Especially the video world, that I am interested in, is no different. New cameras seem to be flying by our faces all the time.  So much so that when a new camera is purchased at a store it feels outdated by the time you reach the car.

Here is a list of the gear that is now on my list for Santa:

Canon 6D

First was the 5D mkIII but now the 6D has taken it’s place on my Christmas list. New features include built in GPS for geo-tagging your pictures.  And it has built in wifi, you no longer have to be tethered to a computer to control your camera with a smartphone.  These features are huge with me, I haven’t told you yet but I am now a stock producer, I’ll share more in another post.  The only thing this camera lacks is a microphone jack, which I will not fork over an extra $1500 for. The price will be $2099 when it is released in November for retail.

Black Magic Cinema Camera

$3000 and man what a camera this is. It is awesome, its awesomeness I can’t put in words.  So I guess I’ll just have to show what it is capable of.


As you can see it blows the 5D out of the water.  But still this is only a video camera so I would definitely want this and a dslr for photography.  The DSLR is still the camera for run and gun shooting because you can take them places you can’t take a “video” camera, so don’t discount it just yet.

Panasonic GH3

So the GH2 was and still is awesome.  The hacked firmware of the GH2 offered the most latitude in a DSLR and could compete with a 5D and even look better in daylight lighting conditions.  But unfortunately its micro 4/3 sensor hindered its lowlight ability.  This newer version improved a ton of features, added a lot of what the hack on the GH2 unlocked.  We’ll have to see how this one fares in the future.  I’m sure it will be the go to camera for many independent, low budget projects.

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It’s Been Awhile

Wow, does time fly when you’re having fun. I guess…

Well it has definitely been too long and I hope that I won’t burn out this time. Not that I have ever been all that great at keeping a good writing schedule anyway.

Over the past almost a year I have learned quite a few new things, inched ever closer to my degree, and had some awesome experiences along the way. which I will share in more posts. This one post here is more like the prodigal son returning.

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Trying Some New Things

I’m going to be trying some things here on WordPress, I’m learning how to make a custom static home page not just how to learn it but also to carry this info over to another website that I contribute to.  The other site I don’t really like the blog look to it, in my opinion it needs to look more like a professional website, since it is for a charity organization.  To help with it’s image I need to tinker on my personal site so here it goes for the best.  When I’m done I hope you enjoy the new look.

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Learn Cape Verdean Creole

Learning languages can be hard. Trust me, I know. I’ve been in another part of the world where I had to a learn a couple.  As an LDS missionary I went to Cape Verde, and the language I was assigned to preach in was Portuguese.  So I learned Portuguese in a short course and when I got to Cape Verde the first words I heard were not Portuguese, hmmmmm, talk about not knowing what to do.  The language the people were speaking was a Portuguese based creole.  And every island had a different creole, and it’s not exactly a written language either.

So since it’s not really a written language it’s very hard to study and get a grasp on it unless your on the islands immersed in the culture.  Since coming home there hasn’t really been any resources I’ve seen to help me remember my creole. Until last week that is when I ran across a site by a young I remembered from Fogo.  His site is just awesome. Really awesome.

So if you are looking to learn a language that is related to Portuguese but not quite, head on over to his site by clicking this link.

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The Beginning

So here it is, I finally decided to buckle down and do a blog.  There are some things that are going through my mind as of lately on how I could better advertise myself, better help people I love, and just jot some stuff down about things I consider important.  So on here you will be treated to some projects I’ll be working on, projects on the professional, school and charity levels.  Those things I believe to be important and of great value. And from time to time I will opine on the newest developments going on in the digital video world.

Also you’ll be seeing lots of stuff that has to deal with the African nation of Cape Verde.  I am part of a nonprofit charity called Help Cape Verde Africa and I do their media stuff.  Up until now it has been mostly video, but I plan on expanding that in the future.  I love Cape Verde and really miss it, you would too if you spent two years serving the wonderful people there.

So here’s to what I hope will be a successful blog.

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