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Battle Of The Bands at UVU

This Tuesday is the battle of the bands at UVU produced by a friend and senior student Brian Parsons, with help from the Audio and Cinema Clubs on campus.  It is going to be a huge and fun event for sure.  We already have tons of sponsors and 13 bands that will be performing.  The Audio and Cinema Clubs will be taking care of the event sound wise and also for video taping and making a DVD later on.

The video team will be intensive, 21 people including myself are on the call sheet.  My role is DIT, known as the data wrangler, I will be copying files all night as they come to me.  There will be some challenges as I expect 4 camera cards to get me at once, and they will be SD cards being transferred with the oh so fast USB2.0 protocol.  Plus there will other cameras shooting CF cards, an Atomos Ninja and some KiPros, so we’ll have to see how it goes.  I will be setting up a mac based DIT station tomorrow with one of the professors and maybe we’ll see if my HacPro can see some action.  I finally got it not too freeze when new drives are plugged in.



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Awesome DIY Camera Projects

Every man in the  industry thinks he needs all the hi-tech gear he can afford.  The problem with that is most likely he doesn’t have the money.  Everything is so expensive and for those who don’t have the cash (poor college kids like me).  So like many people say, “if you can’t afford it, build it.”

You can find lots of tutorials for DIY projects online, but the ones I find most appealing are from Austin Wilson at DVRebellion.  He has compiled a list of short easy to understand tutorials.  I am already inclined to go start building.  Right here is one of his tutorials for a slider.

I’ll be making that one first, followed by his jib crane.  He has even more for some pretty awesome stuff you can build on the cheap. Visit his DIY page by clicking here.

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This Past Week

So this past week has been really crazy.  I’m coming along with the animation, but I haven’t been able to do a lot of things.  On Tuesday I got hit hit with a cold that just hasn’t left me alone. And one of my co-workers has quit and I’ve taken up most of his hours, which is a lot and that doesn’t leave me with any time to animate.  But it should be better after this Thursday.

Also this past week wrapped up the online fundraiser I was doing for Help Cape Verde Africa.  We didn’t even get close to our goal, but I am really thankful for those that believed in us and still believe in our cause.  We had over 5,000 views, but only 8 people donated, and those 8 people are freaking awesome in my book.

our stats for the fundraiser

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